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Magnifying the Wonder! Tailored Learning for All Ages.

Sciexperience.com is dedicated to bringing the biological sciences alive through hands-on labs, exciting visual aids, large models, and exposing the learner to the many tools available to today's scientists and doctors.  Classes and lectures are tailored to any audience, from ages 5 to 95, for a unique and exciting experiential learning environment every time.

Let us bring the wonder of God's creation into your classroom or check to find open classes already scheduled in your area.  Experience science as only a doctor can present it. 

Dr. Callentine has done numerous lectures and classes ranging in size from small classrooms to large lecture halls.  Her unique background in medicine, education, and athletics, coupled with a professional but approachable teaching style, will make a memorable experience for your group.  Contact us and we can help make your next event exciting and an experience to remember.

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